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How we work

Business models

For coils which are special, more complex, high precision or important quantities, special equipment might be needed.

We like challenges, finding solutions for our customers and making those products. Costs to set up a new production or to develop machinery can be a threshold. To lower this and helping the customers to focus on their businesses, we are willing (under conditions) to invest our development hours as a risk in the new products. With the manufacturing of the products we will be paid back over time.

We have models in which Swiss Coils SA develops coils, machinery, etc., but all paid by the customer. The customer has the possibility to produce at Swiss Coils SA or can decide to do the actual production elsewhere.

In case the customer is looking only for a part of a solution, an improvement, samples or prototypes, brainstorming, etc. we will operate as a consultancy company or as an engineering agency.