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Coiling and Coil Assemblies possibilities

Just to give you an impression of what is possible, please note that it is just a list, maybe the solution you are looking for is not mentioned;

  • Air coil, coil on a plastic bobbin, coil on soft iron, coil on ferrites or ceramics. Bobbins, soft Iron and ferrites are coiling bodies which can have shape and dimensions custom made.

  • Wire materials can be copper, gold, silver, and alloys or coated with different materials. It can be single wires or litze wire.

  • Wire size, from 10μm to 50μm (58AWG – 44AWG) is our preferred sizes, but we handle without any problems wires up to 350μm (27AWG).

  • Core preparations, annealing soft iron or ferrites, metallization of ferrites or ceramics, isolating cores and testing the quality before coiling.

  • Finishing of coils to enable our customers to do the final assembly in a safe and economical way. This can be SMD in tape and reel, PCB assembly (FR4, similar or flex PCB's), connectors, lead wires or assemblies.

Connecting coils can be done by means of: soldering, tinning, thermo compression welding, electrical welding, arc welding or clamping.