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What we do

We can offer our experience and creativity to find solutions for new and existing products. Solutions in the sense of ideas, simulations, design proposals, samples and full production. We do not stop at winding a coil, but try to help the customer in finding solutions which will enable the final assembly to be done in a secure and economical way.

We are not restricted by order quantities, also single coils is for us not a limitation.

Depending on the needs of the customer and the foreseen production quantities several solutions are possible for setting up machinery;

  • Manual, in case the quantities are low and investment should be kept to a minimum or time pressure does not allow the set up of automated machinery.
  • Semi Automatic or Fully automated if production series allow or quality is an important parameter. If time is an important factor also a manual start of production is possible with in parallel the development of machinery.

Current running Series production is done in 2 working shifts standard.