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Coils and machinery

Coil development can be based on the experience of the customer with the addition of the experience at Swiss Coils. This can be brainstorming, designing, making technical drawings,  simulations etc.

It can be new coils but also redesign or improvements to make the coils more efficient, more economical, more stable in quality or better to handle during the assembly in the final application.
As smaller coils or coil wires are not always easy to connect to the rest of the electronics, we try to find with the customer solutions to make this less difficult or tiresome. SMD coils, connectors, tinned wire ends, flex PCBs, etc. are examples of improved handling.

If an existing coil cannot be altered for reasons like certified or approved product it might be useful to concentrate on the production method, tools or equipment. Maybe there are ways to improve the used equipment to reduce costs or increase the quality output.

Designing custom production equipment and tooling is another service which we offer our customers. We design and assembly our own machinery and tooling to adapt the equipment to the requested coils.