'we do not stop at
winding a coil'





About Us

Who We Are

Swiss Coils SA is an independent, private company which was founded in March 2005. Our team has over 45 year of experience in:
making and developing coils, tooling and machinery
 coils made in Switzerland 
world wide sales, which helps to understand better the needs of our customers.

How We Work

We develop, (re)design and produce coils, coil assemblies and coil related products according to customers demands or needs. On this website you will find information about the products and services Swiss Coils SA is able to supply.
Unfortunately it is not possible for us to display photos of our end products as these are mostly custom made.

Who We Work For

As we concentrate ourselves on the development and production of coils and coil related products, we have customers in different markets; from Medical and Hearing Health to Motion Industry, from Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to Aerospace related products and Automotive. Located in the South of Switzerland we offer a wide gamma of solutions to our customers.

Products and services

Our Expertise

We can offer our experience and creativity to find solutions for new and existing products. Solutions in the sense of ideas, simulations, design proposals, samples and full production. We do not stop at winding a coil, but try to help the customer in finding solutions which will enable the final assembly to be done in a secure and economical way.

We are not restricted by order quantities, therefor single coils are not a limitation for us.

Depending on the needs of the customer and the foreseen production quantities several solutions are possible for setting up machinery:
Manual, in case the quantities are low and investment should be kept to a minimum or time pressure does not allow the set up of automated machinery.
Semi Automatic or Fully Automated, if production series allow or quality is an important parameter. If time is an important factor also a manual start of production is possible in parallel with the development of machinery.

Current running 'Series production' is done in 2 working shifts standard.


Coils and machinery
Coil development can be based on the experience of the customer with the addition of the experience at Swiss Coils. This can be brainstorming, designing, making technical drawings, simulations etc.
The coils can be new ones but also a redesign or improvement to make the coils more efficient, more economical, more stable in quality or better to handle during the assembly in the final application.
As smaller coils or coil wires are not always easy to connect to the rest of the electronics, we try to find solutions with the customer to make this less difficult or tiresome. SMD coils, connectors, tinned wire ends, flex PCBs, etc. are examples of improved handling.
If an existing coil cannot be altered for reasons like certified or approved product, it might be useful to concentrate on the production method, tools or equipment. Maybe there are ways to improve the used equipment to reduce costs or increase the quality output.

Designing custom production equipment and tooling is another service which we offer our customers. We design and assembly our own machinery and tooling to adapt the equipment to the requested coils.


Coiling and Coil Assemblies possibilities
Just to give you an impression of what is possible, please note that it is just a list, maybe the solution you are looking for is not mentioned:
Air coil, coil on a plastic bobbin, coil on soft iron, coil on ferrites or ceramics. Bobbins, soft iron and ferrites are coiling bodies which can have shapes and dimensions custom made.
Wire materials can be copper, gold, silver, and alloys or coated with different materials. It can be single wires or litze wire.
Wire size, from 8μm to 50μm (60AWG – 44AWG) is our preferred sizes, but we handle without any problems wires up to 350μm – 1mm (27AWG – 18AWG).
Core preparations, annealing soft iron or ferrites, metallization of ferrites or ceramics, isolating cores and testing the quality before coiling.
Finishing of coils to enable our customers to do the final assembly in a safe and economical way. This can be SMD in tape and reel, PCB assembly (FR4, similar or flex PCB's), connectors, lead wires or assemblies.

Connecting coils can be done by means of: soldering, tinning, thermo compression welding, electrical welding, arc welding or clamping.

Quality control


ISO9001:2015, since 2006
ISO13485:2016, since 2020

Since 2006 are we ISO9001 certified, in service of our medical customers we did want to add ISO13485 to the existing Quality System. For this reason we had to change our ISO9001 certification from SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA, CH06/0855 to Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS), Reg. no. 46084.

In 2020 we achieved ISO13485:2016 certification, Reg. no. DM/20/220/s . With this operation finished we have both standards in place to assist our Quality System in a way to cover the needs of our customers in the best way we can. If additional or customized checks are needed it can be arranged in dialogue between the parties.


Quality Policy

September 2010
“Quality performance is a commitment to arrive at quality products which will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers by team work in a way that it will be a continuous improvement for all parties. A certified quality management system is in place at Swiss Coils to help the company to assure the service to it’s customers in a way they desire and deserve.”

Quality requirements for medical applications is not unknown to us. We have experience with QP, DS, FS, DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, FMEA, PPAP documents or methods.

SPC is standard used during our productions



Contact info

We tried to create this website with as much information as we could to give you a complete picture of our capabilities and competences without disclosing our customers products. We understand that you might have questions after surfing our site, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, per e-mail, telephone or fax.

Swiss Coils SA
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Telephone: +41 91743 5200
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Email: product.enquiries*at*swisscoils*dot*com

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